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Welcome to this little corner on the Internet. Here, you will find links to resources to my journey through blind flying since about 2017. Here's the story. Want more? Look me up on linkedin.

the story

in 2016, I heard about this flight sim thing. Actually let's back track. in 2014, I had a dream, no really, I had a dream. I was walking toward a plane with someone and the next thing I knew, I was in the pilot's seat ready to what I know now as push back and taxi. I was talking to the controllers and somehow getting information about the flight on my braille display. You see, I'm totally blind. Anyway, I woke up and thought, why not.

Fast forward to 2016 when I heard about "it's your plane." This is a now dead piece of software where you could speak and your plane would follow directions. I had at the time a not so good computer, so I saved up for one and ran it's your plane and flight simulator X. The result was a disaster; FSX was I believe at the time 32 bit and I was on a 64 bit machine. I then tried another add on that was not as accessible as IYP (it's your plane) was, and that failed badly. However, all of this had me wanting to try harder. 1 year later, I found out about prepar3d and FSX Pilot, known as FSXP or just "pilot." I did a successful flight from KMIA to KMCO. that was very liberating. I then switched to Fs Tramp in late 2018, used other add on's which will be discussed later on other sections of this page and in other resources, and I'm now wanting to do this for real, in a real plane, with technology I'm sure will, one day, be invented.

links and resources

our discord server

Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to try and start a discord server just to see what would happen. Well, what happened was the VIPilot's discord WE now have over 50 users, some of whom are sighted and support us in the hobby. In fact some of them want to help us conquer the task we cannot do yet, taxi. that's right, we can now fly some pay ware aircraft on vatsim however we cannot, as of yet, taxi to our gates and runways we are assigned.

one talk to win them all?

Well, not really. I signed up for, and got excepted to speak at flight sim expo 2021. thanks to the team I had at the time, we put on a wonderful presentation. You can view it using the embedded player below.

Thanks to the FSXbo team for a wonderful time, thanks to everyone I talked to including Turtle Beach. Your product will rock the world. I can't wait to get my hands on that flight stick you previewed in 2021. I will let everyone know when that happens and perhaps link to a video of me using it. Speaking of videos, let's jump to the next section. go!

a step through my journey

"Stepping out in faith," as the song goes is what we have to do as blind pilots. I decided a while ago to document my journey. I've made many friends along the way, if you want to see my journey thus far you can go to my videos page and see what is there. I also have a set of play lists I will link to on another page, as this one is getting quite large. You can also click the play list page link found in the nav bar for screenreader users, if you cannot find the nav bar, click the unlabeled item at the top of the page, then go direct to the bottom with control, end. there,you will find a list of pages on this site thus far. .

a work in progress

This site is a work in progress, and we will suffer many growing pains along the way, however I am confident that one day through a lot of hard work, tears, and frustrations, we will be able to fly blind!