timelaps of a rocket taking off


about this page

As many might or might not know, youtube and other platforms are a grate resource for disseminating information. I have several resources back on the main site you might enjoy. One of which I did not link to is a youtube play list I decided to create in 2018 to document my journey. You will see everything from mistakes, to live content we had at the time to current stuff we have up there now. I will embed the play list here so you may enjoy the content that is already up at your leisure.

flying blind: my journey

First up will be the main youtube playlist. It consists of everything. After that we will subdivide it into some relevant catagories, one for now.

a journey through vatsim

vatsim is a virtual ATC solution for flight simulators. Basically, we get instructions from humans, just like real pilots do. It is fun, stressful and can be full of frustration, but over all, it is rewarding. Below you will find the play list I have put up so far. Enjoy