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[Before we start](#before-we-start)


[Well, that was easy!](#well-that-was-easy)

![a top down view  at KMEM showing the weather for that day](media/20af93942c00676b5e02d9ed480c1580.png)

# Introduction

You might need to divert when told to on vatsim, or your favorite online Virtual ATC network of choice. This in the 737 is quite easy. You can consult tutorial number two for more information. For now, I will do my best to give line numbers represented by LSK or RSK for left soft key and right soft key, respectively.[^1]

[^1]: Tutorials for the pmdg can be found in the manuals section in the prepared directory. On my machine that is found under "C:\\Program Files\\Lockheed Martin\\Prepar3D v4\\PMDG\\PMDG 737 NGXu\\Flight Manuals"

## Before we start

You might see on your simbrief plan to use KMEM as your alternate destination. I am using this as an example throughout. So, if you are using “talking flight monitor” found at <> do the following, otherwise click the appropriate buttons in your CDU.

# Steps

Hit alt t or click the route or rte page. (I will refer to the route page as rte from now on). Next, you will go to lsk six. Remember that is left soft key six. Now put in kmem into the scratch pad and copy it into lsk1. You can click the grader than sign or click rsk1 (right soft key 1) to view the miles, do a missed approach etc. explore that section. You will not break it, I promise. No really, I promise.

Ok now that we have taken a deep breath and put in kmem, it is time for the fun part. Click the rte button to go to the rte page or hit alt plus T. Type in KMEM into the scratch pad and copy it into rsk Now, click the dep / ar button or hit alt plus A. You will notice your arrival has changed from what ever it was to KMEM. From here you will do what you would have done when assigning your arrival and approach. Now descend as normal and follow all instructions given by ATC. If offline follow your chart, , or follow your instructions in the FMC.

# Well, that was easy!

Congratulations. You are on your way to your new destination. If you want to see the youtube video where I write this document, or at least most of it go to the following [video on YouTube]( Enjoy.